Got Burgers?

There’s one huge thing that stands out to me about Carnival Cruise Line and that’s their attitude towards fun.

Apparently National Hamburger Day is this coming Sunday, May 28th. While, I didn’t know this “holiday” existed, Carnival Cruise Line sure did. In celebration of the holiday, the Carnival Liberty culinary staff created a massive cheeseburger while docked in Port Canaveral, Florida.

Carnival Cruise Line teamed up with Guy Fieri to bring Guy’s Burger Joint and special burgers to all ships fleet-wide. Located on the Lido deck by the main pools, the restaurant is always a hit on every ship, but usually they do not craft burgers quite as large as the one created for National Hamburger Day. Yet, the ginormous hamburger was not enough for Carnival’s celebration. They also held an event for the media in which people were able to stand behind the grill and learn about how the burgers are made.

This event is exactly why I love Carnival. While I’ve never had a hamburger in my life (yes, I’m strange), it is the Carnival culture and fun-loving nature of the staff that makes me so obsessed. Cruising is fun. Cruising with Carnival is even better. There is always a little trick up someone’s sleeve that you’re not expecting. Why let a random holiday slip away when you can do something fun with it?

Carnival consistently makes everyone fell welcome. Known as the fun ships, they provide opportunities for the relaxing passenger, adrenaline-junky, food-critic, family man, child, young adult, and every other type of cruiser. While others could commend the cruise line for their entertainment, activities, and food options like Guy’s Burger Joint, it is truly the attitude of Carnival’s on and off-board staff that makes it the unique cruise line that I love.
Some photos from my trip on the Liberty back in 2010: 


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