Always Go

Whenever you are considering taking a trip, always go. You never know when it will be your last.

Cruising has always been a family tradition for me. My parents both went on cruises with their parents, and now I go with my parents and extended family. While my family is extremely important to me on land, cruising allows for special memories and an even tighter bond to be created.

It has been a while since I wrote a blog post, partially because I am not good with dealing with pain. I lost my grandmother a little over a month ago to cancer and I knew that writing about cruising would force me to deal with some of that pain. All this being said, I am very grateful for my time with her. As I said, cruising has always been associated with family for me. I was lucky enough to travel on the Carnival Victory last March and the Norwegian Breakaway this past August with my grandmother.

IMG_9984On the Victory, my grandmother and I were accompanied by my mother––a three generation, women-only trip. If you ever have the chance for something like this, do it.  This was the most relaxing trip with the most laughs. The voyage was a 3-day trip visiting just one port, Nassau, Bahamas. While the port was not that exciting (we have been there over 10 times), our time on the boat was incredible. From lounging by the pool,to playing bingo, gambling in the casino, and watching shows, the best time was spent just sitting around and talking to each other. On the final night of the trip, the three of us decided to go around the ship and mimic the pieces of art hanging on the walls. It got to be really late and we all got pretty goofy, ultimately deciding to lay on the ground in the middle of a lobby bank near the pool. There was no reason for this, but we took many pictures that my mom and I still look at and laugh about today. Similar to this, we all decided to play mini golf one afternoon on the ship. As you may know, it gets very windy on the higher decks, but this day was especially windy with a storm coming our way. My grandmother was a very tiny lady in weight and height. She started blowing away, sliding across the deck with the wind, holding onto my mom as she freaked out and laughed at the same time. Luckily enough, in today’s digital age, I was able to video tape the whole thing. In the past few weeks, my whole extended family has watched the video and we continue to laugh every time.

Switching voyages, ships, and cruise lines, I sailed on the NCL Breakaway with my mom, grandma, cousins, and uncle. We had all traveled a lot that year and were in Nashville the week before, so we could not decided if we should book the cruise at the last minute. Was it worth the money? Was it worth trying a new cruise line? Was it worth sailing out of NYC and only visiting one port? I can tell you now, yes, it most definitely was. First off, we all came back from this cruise saying that it was the best. You can read more about that in my highlights and in depth overview posts. Secondly, two months later, my grandmother started feeling sick. In just under six months of deboarding the Breakaway, my grandmother had passed away and we knew that we would never be able to sail all together again. No one, including my grandmother, knew that she was sick when we were on that cruise. Looking back, we all question why we even considered not going; we are so happy that we had the chance to do that before she passed away. It was the best cruise and it has an even more special meaning to all of us now.

So, whenever you are considering taking a trip, GO! You never know when it will be your last voyage or your last chance to spend quality time with someone.

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