NCL Deck Parties

Do you love a good deck party? I sure do! From my cruising experience, I always thought that Carnival hosted the best deck parties. This all changed when I sailed on the NCL Breakaway.

While Carnival hosts great parties, I always found myself critiquing the events. The parties are always fun, but they end as quickly as they start. On top of this, deck parties aren’t planned for every night of the cruise. The deck is often reserved for late night movies with a calmer crowd. For nights when there is a deck party, the themes are usually RedFrog and BlueIguana, the two mascots of the bars on the Lido Deck of the Carnival ships. Ultimately, these deck parties just promote the “brands” of these two bars. On Carnival’s website, they claim that their Fun Squad hosts Serenity Under the Stars for adults as well as an 80s Rock-N-Glow Party on voyages that are over 6 days. I haven’t sailed on a 6+ Carnival voyage in about 2 years, but from my experience, these do not really exist. On my last 3 day voyage with the cruise line, they certainly didn’t offer many deck parties… and hey–those people matter too.


Over the years I continuously said that both Carnival and Royal Caribbean did not know how to perfect their deck parties. The parties were extremely short and not frequent enough. When I took my most recent cruise on the NCL Breakaway, I was surprised to see that NCL seemed to had read my mind.

Norwegian knows how to throw a party. Forget the Fun Ships (Carnival) that are supposed to be for the wildest party people, the freestyle Norwegians definitely know how to dance and have fun. My cruise on the Breakaway included 7 days, 3 of which were in port. Every night there was a deck party at Spice H2O, even when we were docked in Bermuda.

Check out my Instagram account for videos of different deck parties!

Most cruise lines push the drinks when at sea because while the boat is in port because passengers usually go off to land and make purchases elsewhere. Unlike this, NCL hosted their biggest party one of the nights that we were docked. Their Glow Party (a.k.a. H2Glow or White Hot Party) is absolutely insane and many passengers stayed onboard to attend. This party is featured in almost all promo videos for the line, and it truly deserves to be.img_2442

Everyone was told to wear white or neon to the deck that night for the H2Glow Party. Before the real party started, the Entertainment Staff had neon paint for passengers faces. Although mainly for kids, I snuck in there like many other adults. Soon after, the party began with an intro video where our Cruise Director had to authorize and design the party. From there, neon flags started flying in the sky and a blow-up character went up into the dark sky (think of those inflatable advertising characters that are kind of abstract). The music and Entertainment Staff helped build the excitement as the music began to drop.

As the party went on, glow sticks and larger LED foam sticks were thrown out to the crowd. The morale kept increasing. The music was mostly of the pop and EDM genres, but the dance floor was full of people of all ages. Later in the night, the Entertainment Staff left sneakily, but the DJ kept playing. Unlike other cruise lines, the party continued on.

While the Glow Party was clearly the best, NCL offered different deck parties every night. Each party has a theme and the staff dresses up in costumes related to the theme. Some nights included themes from the 70s and 80s. Another night, there was a Latin & Caribbean Party, which was very cool. The staff of Burn the Floor, a latin inspired dance show in the main amphitheater, came to the back deck and taught everyone how to salsa. Other Caribbean favorites were played as the staff left and passengers kept partying. I was shocked that so many people stayed on the ship for the nightlife, rather than going into port.

Overall, I was extremely pleased with NCL’s deck parties. They understand how to host a party and keep it going throughout the night. The parties were frequent and the energy was unmatchable!

Check back soon to learn more about Bermuda!


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