NCL Breakaway Highlights

This past August, I sailed on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Breakaway. The voyage was a 7-day cruise with multiple days at sea and 2 and 1/2 days in Bermuda. The Breakaway is one of the cruise line’s newest and largest ships, offering many high-tech and innovative options/activities.

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This cruise ranks pretty highly on my long list of ships and here are some reasons why:

1. Deck Parties: The deck parties on the Breakaway were the best I’ve seen. From latin dance lessons to NCL’s white/glow party, Spice H2O was always crowded each night. Most cruise lines do not offer a deck party every night, but NCL does, and they do each very well. These parties were open to all ages, allowing for a very welcoming environment. I will be writing a post on the glow party soon, so check back!


2. Sailing out of NYC: As we sailed out of port, passengers gathered at Spice H2O to watch the ship sail out. The entertainment staff made everyone come together and feel like a family. As we sailed past the Statue of the Liberty,  “Proud to be an American” blasted on the speakers. Later, the boat sailed under the Verrazano Bridge, which was an experience that just cannot be explained in words. There are pictures and videos on my Instagram account, AmandaCruises. For more information, head to my last blog post, Sailing out of NYC.

3. Ropes Course: While ropes courses are becoming more common on cruise ships, I have to say that the Breakaway’s course was extremely adventurous. The course includes a plank that extends 8 feet off the side of the ship as well as a zip line across the width of the ship. If that’s not enough, there’s also a rock climbing wall and a trampoline for kids.


4. Pool Entertainment: Although the pool deck is not set up in the best way, the crew knows how to make it work well. The daytime pool entertainment is at the adults-only pool. Usually, the entertainment includes reggae performers that just play backup music, but on the Breakaway, the reggae band really got the passengers up and involved. Whether they were in the pool, on the side of the pool, or lounging on chairs a deck above the pool, all passengers were singing or dancing along. Being at the adult pool, some songs were inappropriate, but overall the singer was able to sing popular songs, island songs, and just all-time greats. Along with the reggae performers, there were also the usual ice carving and hairy chest contest.


5. Bermuda: I know, I know… not technically about the ship. Bermuda is an incredible port! The Breakaway was docked in port for 2 and 1/2 days, allowing for the best exploration of the island. There, the people were so nice and the beaches were beautiful. Check back soon for a more descriptive post about Bermuda!


The Breakaway has so many great qualities; I could never name them all. My trip on the ship is one that I will remember forever. If you get the chance, I strongly suggest that you take a cruise on the NCL Breakaway. Check back soon to learn more about the Breakaway, deck parties, and the port of call!




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