Top 5 Reasons I love Cruising

I never stop thinking about cruising. There are so many great things about cruising, but I have decided to try to narrow it down to the most amazing 5. Let’s see how this goes. In no particular order:

  1. The ability to visit multiple destinations: Cruising allows you to visit multiple locations without changing hotel rooms. Many week long cruises visit 3-4 locations, that all can be very different from each other. Shorter cruises often hit less ports, while longer cruises go to far more. Each port has their own personality and geography. This leads to many more special experiences. With cruises, you can visit more than one location much more easily. Forget the old trip to just the Dominican Republic; unlike normal trips, the transportation between destinations is not just a “get me there” vibe, but instead it is its own voyage. This leads to point 2….screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-11-27-46-am
  2. The activities: cruises provide unlimited activities. There is never a dull moment, unless you’re trying to find it. Between ports, the cruise staff host dance parties, bingo games, movie watch parties, dance lessons, contests, and so much more. Throughout these activities, the passengers meet new people and come together as a family as they create many shared memories. If you’re more into doing things on your own, there are always pools to swim in, decks to relax on, and television/movies to watch in your cabin. Some ships even offer water slides, ropes courses, and rock walls. Every ship has the old classic games of shuffle board and ping pong, with the occasional life-size chess pieces and board. Even on the rainiest days, the crew consistently tries to make your day better, which if you ask me, makes you feel like a prince or princess. Let’s not forget, there also is always food to be eaten… figuring out what you want is an activity in itself.
  3. All you can eat: While some may judge cruises for this, the all you can eat buffets are open at almost every hour of the day and provide comfort. When traveling with a large group, these food sources are imperative. Eating together as a group is great in the dining room at nights for a scheduled meal, but during the day, it is impossible to get every family member ready to eat at the same time. These buffets allow each person to eat together or separately whenever they want. More than that, not every person in the group has to eat the same thing. The “free” feeling of the food allows you to try as many different dishes as you want. No one has to fight over paying the bill at the end. The unlimited ice cream cones keep everyone happy.screen-shot-2016-10-31-at-12-08-49-pm
  4. The views: Whether at sea or in port, views from the top decks of all cruise ships are unbeatable. When at sea, looking out at the ocean can give even the most stressed out person a sense of calmness. Occasionally dolphins and other creatures can be seen in the distance or following the boat. One nice thing is that is it pretty rare to see insects and birds while in the middle of the ocean, providing for a pleasant day sitting in the sun. You can even eat outside without being attacked by birds! Views in port are just as great. There, you can see the rolling hills, nice beaches, and so much more. Often the ocean is so crystal clear that you can even see the fish and other creatures from 9 stories above. On land you may even see a place that you want to visit later on! Overall, I find the most interesting view to be when you watch a ship leave a port. The captain has to navigate through such narrow areas as you take in the views of water meeting the port that you have just left.
  5. The motion of the ocean: Although this may scare some people, the rockiness of the boats is usually minimal. The “motion of the ocean” makes falling asleep so much easier. While you will be tired after participating in activities, the ocean makes you fall asleep immediately. I sleep best when I am on cruises. Unlike casinos, cruise lines offer very comfortable beds and do not try to keep you out of your cabin. Be careful laying down in between activities to watch TV; chances are that you will fall fast asleep for a good amount of time.


I may have been broad, but I did do it in 5, as I promised. Overall, YOU can make your cruise into the vacation that YOU want it to be. From calm and relaxing to adventurous and friendly, cruises offer the best of all worlds. I would love to hear other people’s top 5 reasons they love cruising. Feel free to reply/comment to share yours!



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