The Dream Job (Part III)

Please read Part I and Part II before reading Part III for the best understanding.

As I have stated, I recently received my BS in marketing from the University of Maryland’s Smith School of Business. Throughout my time in college, I kept trying to figure out what to do with my future. I loved marketing, but it was really hard to ignore my extreme passion for cruising. You may ask yourself how my dream shipboard positions and marketing roles relate to each other. Although the skills and dreams may not match up completely, I have found a few solutions, including:

  • Cruise Line HQ Employee
  • Cruise Blogger
  • Travel Marketer
  • Hotel Marketer

Marketing is important for every company, including cruise lines. While working in a terminal or office in Miami is not ideal, it is a possibility. With a marketing degree, I would be able to work in a cruise line’s headquarters, helping with their promotions, sales, social media, and more. Even better though, a position as a blogger would be really interesting to me. Cruise bloggers must go on ships every once in a while to really experience what the passengers would do and feel while on the ship. This position would combine my love for marketing and sailing in a way that would still make it a pretty ideal job.

I have also realized that I am interested in general travel marketing, not just cruise lines. I get excited thinking about travel and all of the adventure that is available. I am definitely not an adrenaline junkie, but there is something about visiting a new location that really gets me going. I love being able to see things for myself instead of relying on what other people say and show pictures of. While pictures can show a lot, there is more to every island and city than can be seen. As a result, just as with cruising,  I want to help others get that feeling of excitement as they explore a new place. Any kind of travel marketing would allow me to do this, while putting my marketing degree to use.

Another area that I have decided to explore in my job search is hotels. Whether it be an activity host or just in the marketing department, it seems like I am drawn to the hospitality industry. My goal is not just to get consumers interested in cruising, but to get consumers excited about obtaining their dream vacation. On land or sea, I just want to  help make people the happiest that they can be… and who goes on vacation to be unhappy? No one.

A marketing firm with clients in the travel and tourism industry would be also be a great fit for me. As I have said, I believe that a person can do their best marketing if they are truly passionate about what it is they are marketing. Therefore, these clients would allow me to create the best marketing items and results for the company as possible.

Dreams can be reached, but they may not be ideal when thinking about skill set.The ideal job takes into account the dreams and wants, but also the skills.

The ideal job is more than just a shipboard activity host. It is not sitting in an office in the middle of Pennsylvania either. The ideal job is a variety of positions, all including some kind of marketing and a hint of travel. It’s the perfect combo.


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