Why Start Blogging Now?

I’ve had this obsession for years, I honestly do not know how this did not happen sooner. I guess I figured that no one would really care, but now I want to make people care. This want comes from my trip on Norwegian Cruise Line’s Breakaway this past week, my first voyage on the cruise line.

After getting a degree in business marketing this past May, this outlet seems to be a great way to share my experience. Throughout the week-long cruise that left from NYC, I consistently was updating my Snapchat story to share as many moments of the trip as I could. I received a text from one of my college roommates saying, “that cruise looks wild,” followed by a conversation of how she must get on a ship ASAP. During this series of texts, I blurted out that I wanted to share the experience so that people would finally understand my obsession.

Being my first voyage on a new cruise line, I was hesitant and fearful that the cruise was going be awful. I had read reviews online and it just seemed to be a crowded ship that took passengers to Bermuda. On top of that, Freestyle Dining was a new concept that I thought I would hate. This cruise completely surprised me; I absolutely loved it! This trip combined with my conversations with my college roommate and my recent graduation made me think about the industry. I have always wanted to help share cruise information and encourage more people to set sail.

Voilà! Welcome to Amanda Cruises!



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