My Goal

Do you remember writing your college essay? Although it was probably boring (no offense), I’m sure people understand why you wrote it. Well, I wrote my essay on boats. Many people, including myself, questioned why I chose this topic. For some odd reason, I have always had a strong interest on being on the water, even though the thought of actually swimming in the water, with fish and other creatures, completely terrifies me.

Cruise ships offer passengers a plethora of activities. They are constantly growing and adding the newest technology. From the classic walk on the deck or a swim in the pool, now passengers can also participate in bowling, ropes courses, and sky biking in the middle of the ocean. These mega ships are way more than floating hotels. Activities galore, there is always something to do. On top of this, the cruise entertainment staff and diversity of crew and passengers can really enrich your experience and even provide extra activities. I have met so many people on these trips and still talk to some of them years later.

Now, you may ask, “what does this girl know about cruising?” I can tell you that I do not know everything, but I have been on quite a few ships. I’ve been sailing for over 15 years and have been on about 15 ships and four different cruise lines. Here is my list of ships:

  1. Carnival Triumph
  2. Carnival Destiny (now the Sunshine)
  3. Royal Caribbean Jewel of the Seas
  4. Carnival Glory
  5. Carnival Dream
  6. Carnival Sensation
  7. Carnival Liberty
  8. Carnival Freedom
  9. Carnival Breeze
  10. Carnival Breeze (again)
  11. Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas
  12. Carnival Victory
  13. Norwegian Breakaway

This is not a total list, but these are the ones that I remember distinctively. I know I have been on 1 or 2 Holland America cruises also. I’ll be the first to admit that I have not been on every cruise line or every ship on each line. Sorry, I’m human. My solution to this is living vicariously through people on these ships. I look at YouTube, travel blogs, and news articles to find out as much information as I can. I follow the top cruise lines on Twitter and Facebook and find myself liking and sharing many of their posts.

Everyone who knows me will tell you that I am obsessed with cruises. The reasons mentioned above are very valid for the source of my passion, but there’s a more important one. I  LOVE seeing all of the guests with a smile on their face as they come together as a family. I want others to understand why I love this industry, by sharing pictures and my own stories. Ultimately, my goal for this site is to inspire others to travel on cruises and become as obsessed with the industry as I am. I hope that one day I can accomplish this.

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