The (Somewhat) Cure To My Obsession: Bravo’s Below Deck

While I definitely do not cruise as much as I would like to, I think about cruising and what it would be like to work on a ship much more often than I should. When I graduated from college, I wanted to work on a cruise ship for a contract or two, likely as an … Continue reading The (Somewhat) Cure To My Obsession: Bravo’s Below Deck


Hurricane Season 2017

While some years hurricane season is not as harmful as others, 2017 has been pretty troublesome. Being from the United States, I can tell you that Harvey and Irma impacted many people in horrible ways. You all have seen the news, so I am not going to recap these storms for you. The US cruise … Continue reading Hurricane Season 2017

Got Burgers?

There's one huge thing that stands out to me about Carnival Cruise Line and that's their attitude towards fun. Apparently National Hamburger Day is this coming Sunday, May 28th. While, I didn't know this "holiday" existed, Carnival Cruise Line sure did. In celebration of the holiday, the Carnival Liberty culinary staff created a massive cheeseburger while docked in … Continue reading Got Burgers?


This past August I made my first trip to Bermuda on the NCL Breakaway. The island instantly became one of my favorite ports! You may think of Bermuda as a sunny, warm, and tropical island with pretty beaches and bright turquoise water. This is certainly true for the British territory in the summer, but surprisingly … Continue reading Bermuda